Episode 69 - It's been one hell of a ride!

Episode 69

It's been one hell of a ride!




We Start off by talking about a great game from Mirror Box Games, Guild Masters! This game is on kickstarter now and has less than 10 days to go as of this recording (ends 12/17/16) Please go over and check it out at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ecc/guild-masters-0?ref=nav_search

We end the show with a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!





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Episode 68.5 : Half Full or Half Empty


Well, why not. Things didn't quite work out for recording episode 69 so we at least decided to bring you guys a half of an episode! But don't worry because it is chock full of all the things you love like ..... A review of a game you've probably never heard of .... A preview of a game you definitely have never heard of .... some geeky ramblings ..... and a whole lot of Jeff. oh, BUT THERE"S A CONTEST!


Ambyria is Paw-Warrior's debut game. A fantasy card game, Ambyria is a non-collectible strategy card game with a dash of luck and a pinch of chaos. Ember perfectly caters to the little voice in all of us that holds a grudge. With plenty of opportunities for revenge, you won’t have to listen to that voice for very long before it’s satisfied. Don’t be shy and show no mercy, as you will receive none in return!

Playing as one of four heroes you collect the mysterious ember stones to defeat Ingduhl the Shadow Demon. Only the hero who collects the most ember stones will be able to defeat the Shadow Demon and save the world from his shroud.

In either a fierce dual between hardened experts or a four-player frenzy, players amass ember stones by strategically using card effects and by collecting the cards in their Emberscapes. Unique to Ambyria is concept of an umbrella effect over your play area called the Mode, which will determine the tactic for your turn. Whether you need to gather more resources, or you need more time to play your cards safely, or if you are ready to claim your ember stones, your mode will be important on your path to victory.


This is a card game of deception, confusion, and chaos that mixes the interplay of party games like Werewolf and Mafia, the psychology of games like poker, and the action of games like your favorite collectible card game. On top of that, we fit all of this into a primer game that takes fifteen minutes or less to play!



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Episode 68: War, What is it Good For?


 What to expect in the episode and an update on our other NJAGP projects. Plus new headphones make us sound perfessional. (Yes, I know that's spelled wrong.)

 5:27 - QUICK HITS

International Table Top Day has come and passed and we discuss all the awesome gaming we did! (spoiler: it's none) Buuuuut, Jim talks about an incredible find at a FLGS in Virginia and Matt tells us why Verizon can stick it! Last but not least we discuss Captain America:Civil War and also a lot more rage from Jim over   Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice! 

 25:50 - GAME SPOTLIGHT (s)



 Listen as Jim says Liberty or Death's name wrong over and over! It's a shorter spotlight on LoD since we have an "At The Table Episode" on this game. Then it's on to Fantasy Flight Games newest massive strategy game! You've probably heard plenty about this one but now you get to hear it from us!



Although of course Matt has over 10! With Memorial Day coming right after this release, we talk our favorite war movies. Come to the Twitter verse or Face Books and let us know what great ones we missed!  

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NJAGP - At The Table Episode Five: Liberty or Death

Volume V in GMT’s COIN Series takes us back to the struggle of the American Patriots against their parent British government. A unique multi-faction treatment of the American Revolution,Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection will take 1 to 4 players between lines of clashing red and blue infantry, Indian raids, European politics, British control of the seas, French intervention, and the propaganda war.

Building off the good works of COIN Series Creator Volko Ruhnke and Series Designers Jeff Grossman, Brian Train, Mark Herman, and Andrew Ruhnke Designer Harold Buchanan applies his knowledge of the American Revolutionary period to take a new look at the struggle that built a nation. COIN Series Developer Mike Bertucelli continues his work on this project and Volko Ruhnke is an active advisor.

Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection features the same card-assisted counterinsurgency game system as GMT's Andean Abyss, Cuba Libre, A Distant Plain, Fire in the Lake and Gallic War with a set of twists that take the COIN Series to the 18th Century, including:

  • Brilliant Strokes that trump initiative (Led by leaders like Washington, Rochambeau, Clinton and Joseph Brant)
  • Irregular troops (Patriot Militia and Indian War Parties)
  • Regular troops (British and French Regulars and Patriot Continentals) for battles and skirmishes with line infantry
  • Rabble Rousing, Skirmishing, Tories, variable French entry, and Indian Raids
  • Variable impact of naval commitments between the British and French
  • French blockades to confound British plans
  • French financing options to feed the Patriot’s war effort
  • A large deck of 110 + cards for great play variety
  • Short, medium, and long-length scenarios with period-event or random options.

Each faction in Liberty or Death brings new capabilities and challenges:

As the British, you have to deal with an Insurrection across a massive region. With control of the seas (at least until the French arrive), you have extreme flexibility and can move across the coast and cities at will. You will muster Tories to support your efforts. They will march with you to battle, but they need your cover. You can control any space you choose, but you cannot answer every threat on the map. The Indians will work with you but, like the Tories, will need you to coordinate and protect them when the Patriots become aggressive. With the leadership of Gage, Howe, and then Clinton, you will be able to strike a potentially decisive Brilliant Stroke if the stars align. Each leader brings something new to the war effort. If you can strike the decisive blow and Win the Day you will be able to build Support and reduce Opposition in short order. If the option to Battle the French in the Colonies presents itself, it will be hard to pass up!

As the Patriots, you initially aren’t powerful enough to counteract the British Army. You will need to pick your battles and initially spread the Militia to key areas. Over time you can train a force of Continentals to take on the British Regulars. Until then, Rabble-rouse and work with the French to challenge British dominance. Skirmish with the British in small numbers to make their stay expensive. Will the French be there when you need them? Persuade the local population to give you resources to keep the heat up. Watch the Indians on the Frontier because if they develop their forces unanswered you won’t be able to win the game regardless of what happens with the British.

As the Indian player, you have selected the lesser of two evils in aligning with the British. You will work with them to lower Opposition using Raids but you will be developing your footprint by Gathering forces and building villages. The British can help you to protect them from the Patriots and in return you can assist the British in controlling the region. War Chief Joseph Brant and later War Chief Cornplanter give you the ability to mount a decisive attack with your War Parties but will it be worth exposing your villages to Patriot attack?

As the French, you have the ability to be the thorn in the side of the British in North America. With the Hortalez Rodrigue et Cie Company, formed to feed the Patriots resources, you can fund the Insurrection. Your agents can rally assistance in and around Quebec and you can facilitate privateers to steal resources from the British. When you sign the Treaty of Alliance with the Patriots, you can bring French Regulars to America to March and Battle. You can also increase French Naval Intervention, Blockade Cities, move Regulars by sea and Skirmish with the British.

As with earlier COIN Series volumes, players of Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection will face difficult strategic decisions with each card. The innovative game system smoothly integrates political, cultural, and economic affairs with military and other violent and non-violent Commands and capabilities. Rabble-rousing, Indian Raids, Persuasion, Naval Pressure, Letter of Marque, Looting, Trading, Skirmishing, and Foraging and more options are available. Flow charts are at hand to run any faction short a player—solitaire, 2-player, 3-player, or 4-player experiences are equally supported.

A 22” x 34” mounted game board.
A deck of 110+ playing cards.
150+ red, green, tan, blue, and white wooden playing pieces, some embossed.
6 black and 6 white wooden pawns.
4 foldout Faction player aid sheets.
2 foldout Non-player Faction aid sheets.
2 Sequence sheets.
A Random Spaces sheet.
A sheet of markers.
4 6-sided dice

DESIGNER: Harold Buchanan
MAP ART: Terry Leeds
COUNTER ART: Charles Kibler, Terry Leeds, and Mark Simonitch

TIME SCALE: One year per Campaign between Winter Quarters
MAP SCALE: Area movement

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Be Sure To Tune In!




 2:13 - QUICK HITS

It's a jam-packed Quick Hits segment that you won't want to miss! Somewhere inside this segment we review a game called Movie Buff and a little movie called Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice! 





 2015 Golden Egg Games designed by Elad Goldsteen

As a big shot executive you need to keep your network stacked with the best shows in Prime Time. A basic goal for any TV show is to "win" its time slot for the network by having the highest ratings, and thus the highest ad revenue. As you add talented actors, producers and writers to the show, you’ll have to decide how to arrange your TV Guide to win over the most viewers. Will you be putting your best shows early in the week? What will you leave for the Friday night death slot? Make your choices wisely so you can become the #1 network.


53:04 - TOP FIVE (or 10) MANIFESTO


We have some fun with this one as we run down our list of our top television theme songs. (Don't worry, there's very little singing.) Want to discuss yours? Join our conversation on Facebook!


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Description from the publisher:

In Mad Libs: The Game, players use the word-filled game cards in their hand combined with the sentence card in play to make the most appropriately inappropriate sentences possible. The funniest sentence by popular vote wins the round, and the first player to win three rounds wins the game.

Jim and Jeff are joined by Jeffs wife Meg and Jims daughter Avory as they review this new card game from the silly minds over at Looney Labs. All huge fans of Mad Libs, does this card game version live up to the fun provided by those thing little pads you get in truck stop gift shops? Tune in to find out!

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Episode 66 part two : Totally Gaming  (somewhere)


Not really an intro here. We just get right back to the episode.


 1:26 - Reviews! Reviews! and more Reviews!

51st State, Gold West, Hello Kitty, Gobble Stones,

Noir: Deductive Mystery Game,

March of Ants, Cockroach Poker,

Moonquake Escape, Caravan



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Episode 66 Part 1 : Totally Gaming (I say Xenon, you say Zion)


We're back from Total Con 30 and man do we have a lot of games to review! In this intro we first give you guys some updates on our health. (yes we are getting older and we all have been going through some issues that have been keeping us from gaming and recording.)


 13:01 - Reviews! Reviews! and more Reviews!

Carson City, Stockpile, Signorie,

Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, Parade,

Bruxelles 1893, Above and Below, Keyflower,

Xenon Profiteer,  Medici, Fire in the Lake,

Fairytale, Dungeon!, Polterfass, and Adlib Dungeon RPG.





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Episode 65: Batter Up! (aka mermaids)


Nothing new here. We tell you who we are and what's coming up in this episode. 

  2:54 - QUICK HITS

Just a few things here. Some updates and some chatter on games and life. here's the counter Magazine link: 


 13:16 - 3 MINI REVIEWS

Trickerion: Legends of Illusion

BGG LINK: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/163068/trickerion-legends-illusion

Raid & Trade

BGG LINK: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/159003/raid-trade

King Chocolate

BGG LINK: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/173649/king-chocolate



Bottom of the 9th!

It's the bottom of the ninth inning. The game is tied. It's down to the home team to score one run to win it all. Unfortunately, the home team is staring down the league's best closer.

A dice and card game for two players, Bottom of the 9th brings all the excitement of the final three outs of a baseball game into a compact 5-20 minute game session. With variable player strengths, bluffing/deduction, and die-rolling, only the pitcher knows what's coming and the batter needs to keep his eyes peeled. Bottom of the 9th is played over the course of three outs, or four hits (for one run scored) — whichever occurs first.

Bottom of the 9th includes tons of variable player powers, myriad customizable line-ups, the possibility of two added expansion packs, and rules for advanced league and solo play to keep gamers wanting to play ball time and time again

50:50 - OUT OF THE BOX

Things we collected as kids

We talk a bit about toys, cards, stickers, and comics and our collecting habits when we were younger.

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NJAGP Episode 64: Butler in German is German (It's better than diarrhea is painful!)


Hello! Welcome to 2016! It's our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY show! What does that mean? Nothing really...but Matt's back! 

 6:09 - QUICK HITS

Contest! (Sort of) We tell you about our contest but you basically have to go listen to NJAGP: At The Table #3 to find out how to enter. Jim talks about creating a home brewed table top miniture game using Dungeons & Dragons Kre-O mini figs, Matt tells us how his back situation is going as well as gives a quick review of Intergalactic Fight Club and a review of the comic Leaving Megalopolis!

 26:01 - 3 MINI REVIEWS

Time Stories

BGG LINK: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/146508/time-stories

Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King

BGG LINK: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/176494/isle-skye-chieftain-king 

The King's Armory

BGG LINK: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/145493/kings-armory




Grand Austria Hotel

In the thick of the Viennese modern age, exquisite cafés are competing for customers. Inspiring artists, important politicians, and tourists from all over the world are populating Vienna and in need of a hotel room. This is your opportunity to turn your little café into a world famous hotel. Hire staff, fulfill the wishes of your guests, and gain the emperor's favor. Only then will your café become the Grand Austria Hotel.


1:08:57 - OUT OF THE BOX

A look back at some of the things we loved in 2015

From television shows, to movies, to comics, and more! We touch on a few things each that we feel made 2015 great in the world of geeks, freaks, and Gamers.

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